Perfect Match

Makeup artist Nessa was at my place in Los Angeles a few weeks ago and I couldn’t help but notice how perfectly her sweater matched my Marc Jacobs Daisy packaging. Adorable!

Hi Eva! With temperatures rising for summer, what are your suggestions for adjusting your wardrobe to beat the heat while still looking chic and professional? I don't want to be wearing short-shorts everyday. Thanks! Love your blog :)
evachen212 said:

Okay, kindly allow me to amend your statement to: “I will not wear short-shorts ever.” That is simply not an option in the workplace (at home, on the weekends, after hours: wear all the short-shorts you want. At work, mais non!). Other no-no’s: anything too bosomy (I love the old-lady-ness of that word), bandage dresses, Uggs, flip-flops.  Honestly, most workplaces are so air-conditioned that it’s not totally unrealistic for you to be wearing your fall or spring clothing in the office even on a 90 degree day. The first key to cute summer office style is layering: Little jackets (even a moto jacket!) or sweaters to throw on over sleeveless tops paired with skirts (pencil or full are my silhouettes of choice for summer). The second key? Easy dresses, especially shirt-dresses. I recently got a black and white gingham dress from this site that I’m looking forward to wearing if it ever gets warmer, sigh. 

What’s In My Bag

I’m a big, big believer in bags within bags to stay organized. I recently received a lovely (and bright) neon pouch as a gift from UK company Pret A Portobello. It’s the perfect size for my iPad mini (and other essentials like my La Mer hand cream, eye drops, Sharpie, hand sanitizer, and cuticle oil). 

Fifty Shades of Mickey

One of my investment pieces for spring-summer was Marc Jacobs' neoprene Mickey Mouse sweatshirt which was, despite the whimsy of it, rather substantial in cost. As such, I'll basically be wearing it 24/7 for the rest of my life to make it “worth it.” ^_^ Here, I paired it with Zara flats, a COS skirt, a houndstooth jacket I bought from a street stand in Hong Kong, and an Hermes bag. And purple hair! 


The Instagram week in review: Last week was a busy week, my first one totally back in NYC. Highlights: mother-daughter Cartier Trinity ring bonding, my dream mermaid Rebecca Minkoff shoes, and pretty purple nails. To follow, click here

Hear Me Roar
These leopard print Stella McCartney glasses are deeeeelicious!
(Imagine the last word in a Tony the Tiger voice)
Hear Me Roar

These leopard print Stella McCartney glasses are deeeeelicious!

(Imagine the last word in a Tony the Tiger voice)

Stud Muffin

Remember when Lady Gaga when through a phase where she had a spiky face? This chic Givenchy bag is making me flashback to that…

Animal Kingdom

Beloved (and surprisingly hole-y) Kenzo sweater I bought in Paris last year, Prada full wrap skirt that I always forget I own, YSL mohawk heels.

Heavy Metal

"Sexy" is a word that’s wildly overused in everyday rhetoric, in my opinion. First of all, not everyone wants to look sexy (it’s not a look I actively strive for; I think the more you try to look sexy, the less sexy it usually is.). But, I have to say, Anja Rubik's new shoes for Giuseppe Zanotti are the very definition of sexy. I'd wear these with a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans and a slouchy black t-shirt. Done!

Cat Fancy

Backstage at Alexander Wang, I snapped Vogue Japan editor Yui Sugiyama’s Grace Coddington x Balenciaga FNO tote. I wish I had gotten my paws (terrible pun, and for that I apologize) on one at the time—I’ve been scouring eBay for the black and white version.


Considering I flew back from Hong Kong on Sunday, was in NYC Monday through Thursday, and then landed in Los Angeles to pack up my house (and vacation in Ojai with my friend Danny) on Friday—and I’m currently on a flight back to NYC—it would be putting it mildly to say that this week has been a bit of a whirlwind… But I’ll be in NYC semi-full-time-ish starting tonight—huzzah! Happy to be home for the summer. 

Tree People

Okay, tree person, because my lovely traveling companion in Ojai was like “I am not climbing six feet up in the air, are you crazy?” Apparently so! I wanted to go higher but the branches got a bit wobbly and—really—broken body parts really are not chic. I’m wearing a vintage shirt, Brixton hat, no-name sunglasses ($10!) from Hong Kong, and Levi’s shorts. 

In The Company of Greatness

Growing up, the Museum of Natural History was a frequent haunt of mine because A) my high school was about five blocks from it and B) the book From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E Frankweiler was a favorite of mine. I realize that book was about the Met, but I always thought it’d be more fun to be trapped at the Museum of Natural History. Obviously I very much enjoyed Night at the Museum when it came out for the latter reason.

Anyway, I digress. Here, along with Mr. Theodore Roosevelt, I’m wearing a Zara Man sweatshirt (which my mother looked at in Hong Kong and was, like, “Why are you wearing men’s clothing? Aren’t you enough of a tomboy?” I don’t know if she knows what “tomboy” means, but I’m not exactly that), vintage Miu Miu skirt (I call it “vintage” because it’s at least a decade old. The label is the old bubble font), Celine bag, Manolo Blahnik heels, and new $10 sunglasses from Hong Kong.

Pink Symphony

So much rosy goodness on my friends last night—Miu Miu on Nancy Whang, MM6 on Jen Mankins.

Prada x Gatsby

Just got home from the Prada Dress Gatsby exhibit, which was a simply delicious look at some of the 40 dresses Miuccia Prada designed for the movie. Maybe it was jetlag (I got back from Hong Kong 36 hours ago), but everything was extra enchanting and sumptuous.