Hats Off

In Greek mythology, there’s a monster called the Lernaean Hydra. It has multiple heads—which sometimes (not really) I wish I could have because I’ve been on a bit of a hat buying spree lately. Snapbacks from OBEY, wide brims from Brixton… It’d be great to be able to wear them all at once. Plus, I just discovered these panama hats from ultra-luxe Parisian label Piece d’Anarchive (available at Just One Eye, one of my favorite LA stores). They’re gorgeous and one of a kind but sadly out of my price range. A girl can dream, right? (Of Greek monsters and bespoke hats alike!)

Hi Eva, I recently received a place on a BA Fashion Design course at a great university in London, but didn't receive an offer at the most well known uni for fashion (CSM). How important is the name of the university on the CV when you start applying for jobs? Thank you xx
evachen212 said:

I won’t be disingenuous and say that “Oh, no one cares where you went to college, it doesn’t matter one bit.” Yes, people who go to Ivy League colleges in the US (the equivalent, I suppose, of Oxbridge in the UK) have a minor edge in that they have that glossy name on their CV’s. But, honestly, what it comes down to at the end of the day is your work ethic, attitude, street smarts, and personality. I’ve had interns from the best colleges in the world—who haven’t had the aforementioned qualities—and have had interns who’ve gone to community colleges who have. Quality, passion, and drive will always win. (And superior organizational skills). My advice to you is to network as much as you can—talk to your school’s alumni office and see who they can connect you to—and begin interning as soon as you feel ready to. You will have the incredible advantage of going to school in one of the major fashion cities in the world. Supplement the education you receive at your university with all that the city has to offer. Good luck!


These leather Comme des Garcons Play sneakers are so cute, I can’t even properly articulate how much I want them. They’re out next week at the NYC store, may I kindly suggest that you get on the list now?

To The Point (Or Not)

For some reason, this giant arrow I spotted in Chelsea reminded me of those horrid “I’m With Stupid” t-shirts once popular with fraternity brothers and younger brothers around the world. Shudder. That said, if there were a shirt that said “I’m with Phillip Lim" I could totally get behind that because that’s what I’m wearing (top and shirt. Shoes by COS, clutch by Celine). 

PS: want to attend the CFDA Awards (and see designers like Phillip IRL!)? Check out their contest on Instagram!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a quote but, well, Victoria Beckham + spot-on message = a must-do. I have to say, 99 percent of the people I work or have worked with are hardworking, completely focused, intense, demanding of perfection, yes, but ultimately grounded. When I do encounter 1 percenters with ego, entitlement, general rudeness manifesting in a “Do you know who I am?” attitude, it’s always bewildering to me. The industry is so, so small and when people act a fool, it’s remembered. So! Never, ever get ahead of yourself. That’s my thought of the day. 

Ahoy, Matey
These vaguely nautical, totally chic Illesteva sunglasses are on my summer wishlist in a very major way. 
Ahoy, Matey

These vaguely nautical, totally chic Illesteva sunglasses are on my summer wishlist in a very major way. 

Jean Therapy

Had a meeting with the lovely ladies at Estee Lauder at the GM building (that’s the towering, um, tower in the background there)  and here’s what I wore: Obey hat, Zara men’s sweater, Ditto's jeans, Aquazurra heels, Celine bag. 

Container Store

I need another pouch like I need a hole in my head, but this Marc by Marc Jacobs iridescent number is really fantastic. Perhaps I can justify the expense if I chalk the purchase up to organization & office supplies? 


A shoetastic week, from Valentino to Aquazurra. Plus, my must-have dresses for summer. All on Instagram, follow me here!

Mais Oui

This is indeed a clutch fashioned in the shape of my favorite French pastry: the golden, flaky croissant. I wonder if Charlotte Olympia would consider making ones shaped like my two other favorite French pastries: the chocolate croissant and the millefeuille… (Yes, I was hungry when I wrote this post. That said, I’m always hungry).  

Lady Luxe

Slightly spendier top and shoes (Marc Jacobs for both) paired with my beloved Whistles full leather skirt. 

Books, Glorious Books

Spent some time earlier this week at Patrick Demarchelier’s studio (I can’t believe this is my life either!) and couldn’t resist snapping some of his books. I love a good stack of coffee table books, don’t you?

Eye Spy

I keep telling people that sunglasses are the new shoes. You might be thinking, “Huh?” Really, what I mean is that I’ve begun to collect sunglasses as voraciously as I do shoes. Added a few pairs to my collection recently (clockwise from top left): no name from Hong Kong (henceforth known as NNfHK), Westward Leaning, Warby Parker, NNfHK, Prada, NNfHK. 

Mad Hatter

Twenty dollar leather baseball cap I picked up at a diner in Sedona, Stella McCartney jacket, Whistles sweater, Ditto’s boyfriend jeans, Chanel heels, Balenciaga bag. 

Fashion MVP

I’ve owned this Whistles skirt for approximately one week and have already worn it a million (okay, three) times. It’s really rather perfect: Leather! Full and twirly! It’s definitely earned a place in my Fashion MVP list for SS13.