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My friend Alice and I had a nail date last weekend at Chi Nail Bar (where I also bumped into my friend Minnie, and took pictures of her adorable heart nails) and she got the prettiest manicure: soft, petal pink gel on almondine-shaped nails, dusted with rose gold glitter. Her rings are from Catbird, of course. 

And, for your viewing pleasure: lots, lots, lots of glitter options. Which brings to mind one of my favorite song lyrics: Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter, make it rain!

Heart these nails

Forgive the obvious pun but how adorable are these heart-accented nails on my friend Minnie? I bumped into her at Chi Nail Bar in Beverly Hills, which is one of my top two favorite nail spots in Los Angeles (yes, top two—so far I’ve only liked two out of the about twenty I’ve been to). If you’re ever in the LA area and are a nail art aficionado, do pay Chi a visit. They’re not only amazing at gels, they can do nail art with regular polish as well (which, in fact, is much harder).

Amazing nails… again!

Bumped into my friend Alexis again (this time in NYC, not LA. We’re on the same bicoastal schedule, apparently) and once again flipped out over her nails—and her lovely vintage opal ring. We also identified the following things a French manicure should never be:

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Another Day, another manicure

Now, I rarely like a French manicure. (Especially when they’re huge, square, and the white tips are like an inch thick… shudder). Here, though, is a closer look at my highlighter-yellow-tipped French manicure. The key, I think, is keeping the tips super fine and nails rounded or oval. 

Flower Power

Bumped into my friend Alexis Wolfer a few days ago and stared at her nails like a crazy person. Could they possibly be any sweeter? I think not! She frequents my favorite nail art salon in Los Angeles and was a handy reminder for me to make an appointment… 

Bling Ring

Rings upon rings upon rings on Stella and Bow designer Lauren Brokaw!

Another day, another manicure

The perfect lilac-y pink (aptly named Perfect) with an accent nail in Drama Queen, dusted over in Star Power. All by Victoria’s Secret

Dear Eva, I was wondering exactly what a face serum is and if it is necessary in my skin routine? I never really see serums advertised as much as creams and things, so I have no idea what they are. I normally just use a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Is a serum something that could really help my skin glow? I am 20 and have normal skin (just spots and dry skin every now and then). Even if you can't manage to find the time to answer this, I love all of your posts! They make me smile! :))
evachen212 said:

Oh, I love serums. I have a whole jumble of bad metaphors/analogies for them (they’re like the Swiss Army Knives of beauty! they’re like a base coat for your skin!). But, to break it all down, here’s serum 101: 1) they usually contain a high concentration of active ingredients, that’s why they’re more expensive. 2) the formula is typically sheerer than a cream and they’re meant to be worn as a base layer (if you have super oily skin, sometimes you can get away with just a serum) 3) I have no hard data for this but they’ll just make your skin happier. When I started using serums regularly under my AM SPF and PM night cream, my skin texture improved markedly. here, some of my favorites: *for dry skin, this rose oil serum is divine. I also started using this oil recently and it has really lovely texture. And for the record, no, face oil won’t make your face break out. *for normal skin, I often use this serum in the evening. It smells heavenly! *This one is great for all skin types and really boosts glow. *Have oily skin? Don’t be afraid of moisture. This and this are my two favorite oily skin serums. Embrace serums—they’re an extra step, yes, but really well worth it.

Another day, another manicure

…but not my hands! My best friend Stella’s gorgeous polish: Chanel Nouvelle Vague, the perfect robin’s egg blue with subtle shimmer

Hey Eva! So...I've never been too big on a lot of makeup. I wore foundation for one bottle worth, and then quit because I didn't wanna buy it again. I also like going a little more natural. I have some freckles & no acne almost always(which is a blessing because I'm 15!) But my skin tone is very uneven. I'm pale, but my cheeks are always really red and my forehead is just blotchy-looking. What would be the best product to use? I was thinking BB cream but wasn't sure?
evachen212 said:

I love that you want to be more natural—one of my makeup pet peeves is seeing young girls such as yourself with fundamentally gorgeous skin covering it up with a thick layer of makeup. so! BB cream or a tinted moisturizer (let’s be real—they’re basically the same thing. The only difference between the two is that BB Creams always have SPF in them, and often come with one or two bonus benefits, like primer or more moisture, built in) would be a good choice for you. My favorite BB Cream is this one (it’s not too shimmery, just a touch of glow), and a good drugstore alternative would be this! My new favorite tinted moisturizer is 10000% this one, it lets your natural skin shine through. If your cheeks are super, super red, though, I would suggest priming skin with a color-correcting primer or concealer. I highly recommend Clinique’s entire Redness Reducing collection, by the way. When I get spots (sob), I use the foundation in lieu of concealer as a spot treatment. It works wonders.

Purple Reign

Liu Wen backstage at Jason Wu

Shoes, Nailpolish, Words…

In other words, the story of my life. In this week’s Instagram ICYMI, I dine with PS I Made This and Bryanboy, have classic Libran anxiety over too many polish choices at Chi Nail Bar, and celebrate being able to smell again (worst flu!) with Marc Jacobs fragrance. Follow me here for more Instagram goodness!

Another day, another manicure
Backstage at NYFW, I got an express manicure (one perk of being friends with all the manicurists ^_^) with Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen’s Malbec shade (out September). Plus, a fresh coat of cuticle oil for my poor winter-battered cuticles. Want more scoop on the polishes used at the show? Watch this video!
Another day, another manicure

Backstage at NYFW, I got an express manicure (one perk of being friends with all the manicurists ^_^) with Tracy Reese for Sally Hansen’s Malbec shade (out September). Plus, a fresh coat of cuticle oil for my poor winter-battered cuticles. Want more scoop on the polishes used at the show? Watch this video!

Before you rhapsodize over the chic, strong blue—wait! At the last minute, makeup artist Diane Kendal actually used a purple eyeshadow instead (from Lancome—out soon!). 

Another day, another manicure: I received a quick manicure backstage at Prabal with two of his three new shades: Loden Green and Call to Arms (the gold accent finger). My rings, by the way, are by (from left to right): Stella and Bow, Helen Ficalora, and Jennifer Fisher

More manicure shots after the jump!

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