Blue Smoke

Another day, another manicure: spent the day on set on Friday and spent my downtime efficiently by getting a manicure (is there a better way to spend free time? I think not). Myrdith of M2M Nails painted my nails with Alessandro International (no, I hadn’t heard of the polish brand either!) in Lucky Lavender.

peppermint-t asks:
Hello there! I am 18 years old, and i admit i've never used make-up. I wanted to use some but i just get lost whenever i am confronted with numerous and overwhelming choices in stores. I wanted to just achieve an everyday light make-up look. What items do you suggest i buy first? Thanks, Eva!
evachen212 said:

Ha—you’re not alone! I too feel lost when confronted with the numerous choices sent to me on a daily basis. But in fact, that wealth of choice has helped me figure out what my perfect daily routine consists of. Here are a few of my must-haves for a light, fresh face: 

  • tinted moisturizer or BB Cream (let’s all be honest—BB Cream is basically a fancy name for a juiced up tinted moisturizer): CK One, Boscia, Nars are my favorites. 
  • mascara: I prefer a long but natural look and Eyeko, Covergirl, and Benefit are my #1 choices!
  • lipstain: I actually swipe on a few layers of Tarte (Amused if you’re into brighter pinks, Charmed if you want a softer look) before I put on the rest of my makeup. When I’m done with my makeup, I blot off the excess. My new obsession is also this product from L’Oreal. It begins with a glossy finish but leaves a stain that lasts all day. 
  • a touch of something on cheeks to bring dimension and life to the face. To be honest, when I was your age I didn’t wear blush because my cheeks were naturally rosy and full of youth and promise (sigh). Now that I’m in my—eep—30s, I wear blush because I need to. If I were your age, I’d probably just put a touch of illuminator on the cheekbones. This one from Nyx is great, if you don’t want to splurge on Nars
  • powder: a touch—the teensiest dusting—of it on the t-zone just to prevent shine, if you’re prone to it. I use Make Up For Ever since a little goes a long, long way and it lasts all day. 

And that’s it! I know makeup can feel intimidating but really, it’s all about fun and experimentation! Go out there and enjoy yourself, you’ll get the hang of it.

Butter Yum

I was very tempted to make a (I will admit very cheesy) joke along the lines of “I can’t believe it’s not Butter!” But then I realized… wait… A) Most people probably won’t even understand that archaic reference and b) This is Butter in all of its spring-summer glory.  

Beauty Confidential

Here, in painstaking detail, is everything I used on my face this morning (in order):

  • Tarte Lip Stain in Amused: the perfect hot pink sans shimmer. I put this on first, let it set, then usually blot at the end of my routine. 
  • SK-II Essence and serum: leaves skin glowy, fresh, and soft. I don’t always wash my face in the normal, especially when my skin is feeling dry post-flight. 
  • Murad Perfecting Day Cream: a wonderful basic SPF that doesn’t clog pores. I use it on my face, neck, and backs of hands. 
  • CKone Tinted Moisturizer: one of my favorite products. Gives a sheer veil of color on days you don’t need too much coverage. 
  • Kevyn Aucoin lash curler: something about the red accent makes me happy!
  • L’Oreal The Super Slim eyeliner pen: I dab this into the lashline just to darken it. 
  • Physician’s Formula Bronze Booster: used in place of blush and leaves a healthy glow (and builds a faux glow slowly and subtly). 
  • Sania’s Brow Bar brow pencil: has a really great angled tip. 

PS: I will be trying to do a post like this once a week… Hope you like it ^_^

Lovely, Just Lovely

A delivery of RGB polishes makes any girl’s day infinitely better. The orange and green, in particular, are making my nails go pitter-patter (I realize that analogy makes no sense).

Spot On

I’ve been in Hong Kong for the past few days (more pictures to come). When I haven’t been gorging on dimsum, boba, and clothing—hey, I’m on vacation—I managed to find the time to get a gel manicure. It’s OPI’s Samoan Sand Axxium color, a perfect pinky-nude, with a demure pearly accent finger.

A Rose By Any Other Name…

An epic rose in my Los Angeles garden looks even sweeter when paired with a silver tipped manicure from Chi Nail Bar (one of my go-to spots). 

Hi Eva! I need some mascara advice, please? My eyelashes are short, and even though I use a curler they flatten out by the time I put the curler down! :( I'd like something that would give me volume and shape, but not too much for everyday-use. I don't know if it's maybe the curler (MAC) or the mascara (Diorshow Extase) I'm using, or if I should use something in addition. Thank you in advance for your time, best wishes!
evachen212 said:

Your lashes sound woefully similar to my lashes and, speaking from firsthand experience, it’s not the curler (I use this one, for the record). The problem is likely that your lashes can’t support the weight of a super-thickening, dramatic mascara (Diorshow is a phenomenal product but not right for all lash types, in my opinion). My lashes work best with lengthening and defining formulas—mascaras that give you a long, fluttery Bambi-like lash, versus a thicker look. My favorites: Eyeko Fat, Covergirl Lash Blast Length, and—for girls in Europe—Max Factor Clump Defy. And my latest obsession is Benefit’s They’re Real, which might be a good compromise—they thicken lashes for a more dramatic look, as well as lengthen, without being terribly heavy and flattening. 

Another Day, Another Manicure,

Spent my time at the airport rather productively by painting my nails in this lovely soft focus white (Sally Hansen in Sheer Bliss). The key to white polish that doesn’t look harsh or chalky is to find one that has a touch of grey or pink in it–and shimmer helps too.

In Case You’re Wondering…

This is what the back of my head looks like. Neck wrinkles as a result of craning my head around, Beetlejuice-style, to get this shot, sigh. Have to decide what color to go with my hair next—I’m getting it redone with my haircolorist this week.

MTV Red Carpet

…with Karlie! We’re talking Fresh Effects fresh faces here… She, of course, has her model-kissy-face down. I look like a grinning hobbit! That’s okay, though, what else should I expect standing next to a supermodel…

Behind the Scenes

Lights, cameras, MTV! I went behind the scenes at MTV studios to watch none other than Karlie Kloss get set for her Movie Awards red carpet gig. More pictures (including one in which I look Olsen-pint-sized next to her glamazon self) to come… But check out the adorable video here and learn more about the skincare behind the scenes here.

Daisy Chain

Slowly but surely adding to my collection of Marc Jacobs Daisy fragrances. Want to join Aimee Song and Jules Sarinana and me in Marc’s Daisy Chain? Tag your MJ-inspired photos with #mjdaisychain and they could be featured on Marc’s blog…

To The Point

I snapped these nails on Rebecca, a fellow attendee at Lucky FABB. There’s a lot to consider in this manicure: the cute rosettes! The pretty white to pale pink gradation! And, most of all, the shape. I’ve always wanted to have elongated nails but as a total and utter germaphobe (I always imagine creepycrawly bacteria getting stuck under longer nails)—and social media addict (typing with long nails is so much less efficient—I’ve never been able to last longer than two weeks without clipping mine. Sigh.

lifeliver7 asks:
Hey Eva! Hope you're doing great! So I really wanted to try face or body oils and then I heard about garnier's hair, face & body oil.. Should I try it or not.. Because it sounds a bit supicious.. Thanks!
evachen212 said:

I love that you’re calling Garnier’s oil “suspicious”, like it’s a shady character with a goatee in an episode of Law & Order: Beauty Crimes Division (first of all: if that doesn’t exist yet, it should. secondly, yes, I think goatees are shady. if you are not a goat, you should not have a goatee). So, my thoughts on the categories of oil: Oils get a bad rap. Certainly, there are oils that are bad (oil spills. oily hair). We spend so much time stripping our face and hair of oil—but we forget that not all oils are bad and that oils are naturally-occurring on the surface of skin for a reason: to create and seal in moisture. I think almost everyone—barring people with cystic acne, whom I think should consult a dermatologist—would benefit from oil on their face and hair. Hair-wise, rub a bit between your palms and then apply to ends or from the mid-shaft down (especially if you heat-style). Your hair will feel softer and, well, yummier. Skin-wise, in the winter months especially (not so much in the summer when the humidity helps out skin), I use oil as a serum. My favorites are this one (made for oily skin), this one (if you have ultra-dry skin), and this one (my most recent discovery). On a side note, your body will also benefit from consumption of oilslike healthy ones found in fish, avocado, olive oil. I take fish oil (sounds gross, because it is! But capsules aren’t too bad) and I really think it helps with my skin, hair, brain, everything, boosting it from the inside out.