Hey Eva! First off, I love your blog and style a lot which is why you're probably the best person to ask. I recently just finished my first year of a fashion oriented college. Though I make sure I always look put together Ive realized my actual style has been iffy and not what I want it to be. I am very ready to throw everything out and start all over again. So what do you suggest I do to help me figure it out?
evachen212 said:

Okay, take a deep breath. Do not throw everything out. You’re experiencing what I’d like to call “fashionitis”, a non-fatal condition in which you compare what you have to what everyone has and feel inadequate. The cure for fashionitis? Realizing that your style isn’t “iffy”—it’s evolving, and something that’ll take time to figure out. People develop fashion instincts over time, realizing what works for them and what doesn’t, what they love and what they don’t. I’m sure some of the people at your school were born with an innate sense of style, sure. They might be those types who always know exactly what they want to wear and it’s always effortless. More likely? They spend a significant amount of time planning their outfits daily so that they look effortless and like “Oh, this old thing?” There’s so much pressure on people to have a rock solid idea of their personal style at your age, but trust me—I’m speaking from personal experience—it’s an evolution. And there is a joy, whether in style or anything else, to taking time to explore and play and learn.