Hey Eva! I'm working assisting/interning for a photographer this summer and I can't bring myself to wear ugly shoes...what's something comfy that you would recommend to someone who has to be on their feet for 8 hours per day?
evachen212 said:

I always say that people should dress for the job they want. In your case, that means the best thing to do is dress the part of a photographer. Show you take the job seriously by wearing the right shoes: no crazy heels and, on the flip side, no dreadfully practical shoes like Crocs or Uggs please. You are, after all, working in a world of style. I’d recommend a boot with a low heel (which most podiatrists say is actually the best type of heel to wear, period) such as the Rag & Bone Newbury or the Acne Pistol. They look great with skinny jeans and dresses alike and, from what I hear, are comfortable to boot (yes, that was a terrible pun). Have a lovely summer internship—and remember, an internship is a launchpad to a career. Take it seriously. You’re laying the foundation to your future.

  1. eyesthatburnlikecigarettes said: While the Rag & Bone Newbury and the Acne Pistol are great, it is easy to find more affordable, yet comparable styles made by Steve Madden or Dolce Vita without compromising too much of the good quality or the authentic leather. Good luck!
  2. blackberryvision said: Please just buy some nikes….you need comfortable shoes when working in photography. Even the booties Eva suggested will kill your feet and a lot of times you’ll have to walk barefoot across the seamless, you need shoes that are easy on and off.
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