Hey Eva! I was just wondering what your thoughts on body fads such as thigh gaps and collar bones are? It's become such a massive obsession particularly with teens at the moment.
evachen212 said:

Honestly, I had no idea what people meant by “thigh gap” until I saw it in a few Instagram comments recently. I had to Google it because I thought it surely had to be a typo for “though gap” or “think gap” or something referring to the retailer Gap. That goes to show what importance I put on the trend, I suppose. Here’s my point of view on being a teen (or woman, period, it’s not really age-exclusive): it’s hard enough and there are enough hurdles (compensation inequality, gender stereotyping, etc etc). And in fact I think it’s exponentially harder to be one today than when I was a teen, since we’re in the generation of overshare, and it’s so much easier to feel judged for whatever: your body, your social life, your clothes, etc. To the people who are fixated on collarbones and thigh gaps… I would say, please, realize that in four years from now, you might be in college, working towards your dream job, an adventure trip of your dreams, making a difference in the world. Whether or not you have a thigh gap or how visible your collar bone is will not push you in that direction.

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  2. favgirl30 said: Thank you so much. That just really made my day! You are so right. You shouldn’t let your body define you:)
  3. feliciazhang said: Also, if you think you hate your body now, you’ll look back on it in 10 yrs and think, Wow I had such a great body back then. Appreciate it now.