Hi Eva, I recently received a place on a BA Fashion Design course at a great university in London, but didn't receive an offer at the most well known uni for fashion (CSM). How important is the name of the university on the CV when you start applying for jobs? Thank you xx
evachen212 said:

I won’t be disingenuous and say that “Oh, no one cares where you went to college, it doesn’t matter one bit.” Yes, people who go to Ivy League colleges in the US (the equivalent, I suppose, of Oxbridge in the UK) have a minor edge in that they have that glossy name on their CV’s. But, honestly, what it comes down to at the end of the day is your work ethic, attitude, street smarts, and personality. I’ve had interns from the best colleges in the world—who haven’t had the aforementioned qualities—and have had interns who’ve gone to community colleges who have. Quality, passion, and drive will always win. (And superior organizational skills). My advice to you is to network as much as you can—talk to your school’s alumni office and see who they can connect you to—and begin interning as soon as you feel ready to. You will have the incredible advantage of going to school in one of the major fashion cities in the world. Supplement the education you receive at your university with all that the city has to offer. Good luck!

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