Hi Eva! Your pictures have got me a little obsessed with nail polish at the moment! I was wondering what are your fav. drug store brands? I also need advice for an interview I have coming up. It is for a fashion magazine. Is there something you look for specifically at what someone is wearing to an interview? Is nail polish and lots of accessaries appropriate to wear to such an interview? Sorry I have so many questions, but you give the best advice!
evachen212 said:

Nailpolish is one of the best obsessions, in my opinion, since it’s a ridiculously fun and (fairly) inexpensive way to stay on-trend each season. Note the aforementioned word “fairly” because if you buy, say, thirty polishes a season, that can quickly add up cost-wise too. If you have friends who you’re rather certain are nail fungus-free (sorry to go there, but it’s true), may I suggest a seasonal polish swap? And I actually really, really love drugstore brand nailpolishes: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure is my favorite. The brush head fits my nails perfectly and I have literally applied the polish in the back of a moving taxi (en route to a fashion show!) effortlessly. I also love L’Oreal Paris’ colors, they’re always on trend and the formula is super shiny. 

And, as for your second question, depends what industry you’re applying to. Finance (& similarly stuffy ones): be low-key. Fashion: go for it, but exercise chic restraint.

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