What is the best sunscreen that you've used for the face that you would be able to recommend?
evachen212 said:

Hooray! I love getting sunscreen questions because, well, I love sunscreen. It’s a huge, huge part in anti-aging and in generally looking gorgeous and amazing five, ten, fifteen years into the future (he’s the worst example ever, but I found out actor-slash-manboy Paul Rudd uses SPF every day. I’m convinced that’s why he hasn’t aged a nanosecond since his Clueless days). Anyway! I never understand when people don’t want to wear it because there really is a sunscreen for every skin type. Here are some of my favorites….

  • Boscia: Just received a sample of this. Feels sheer and light on the face, formulated with no preservatives. 
  • Murad: A good, basic, daily SPF. 
  • Olay: I love that it’s SPF 50. Great for drier skin. I love this entire line with an undying passion, I’ve been using it for, like, a decade. 
  • L’Oreal Paris: For those with sensitive skin. 
  • Clarins: Super sheer, layers well under makeup. A good drugstore dupe for this is Neutrogena… I know several makeup artists who use this as a primer.

Some sunscreen reminders: remember to wear it every day, even cloudy ones (clouds only provide SPF 4, from what I remember). And apply it to the backs of your hands and neck always. I often suggest people opt for a less pricey sunscreen in favor of one they’ll use more generously. Slather it on—you’ll be glad you did!