Hi Eva! With temperatures rising for summer, what are your suggestions for adjusting your wardrobe to beat the heat while still looking chic and professional? I don't want to be wearing short-shorts everyday. Thanks! Love your blog :)
evachen212 said:

Okay, kindly allow me to amend your statement to: “I will not wear short-shorts ever.” That is simply not an option in the workplace (at home, on the weekends, after hours: wear all the short-shorts you want. At work, mais non!). Other no-no’s: anything too bosomy (I love the old-lady-ness of that word), bandage dresses, Uggs, flip-flops.  Honestly, most workplaces are so air-conditioned that it’s not totally unrealistic for you to be wearing your fall or spring clothing in the office even on a 90 degree day. The first key to cute summer office style is layering: Little jackets (even a moto jacket!) or sweaters to throw on over sleeveless tops paired with skirts (pencil or full are my silhouettes of choice for summer). The second key? Easy dresses, especially shirt-dresses. I recently got a black and white gingham dress from this site that I’m looking forward to wearing if it ever gets warmer, sigh. 

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