Hey there, Eva. I often ask you questions, as I look up to you. Anyways, how did you figure out what you wanted to do? I mean I'm a high school student and have no clue what to do with my life. That sounds dramatic, I know. But it'd sure be nice to know who I wanna be in 10 years.
evachen212 said:

Ha, yes, it does sound dramatic. But I can sympathize. I remember being in high school—I went to a pretty intense all-girls school in Manhattan—and feeling the exact same way: what was I going to do when I was a grown-up? Where would I go to college? What would I major in? And then, four years later, in college feeling the exact same way: I didn’t love pre-med, the track I had chosen, but if not that, what? And then once I graduated and—as is inevitable for children of the recession—floundering again when I couldn’t find a job in editorial right away and worked at a… gasp… law firm for a few months. My point, my dear, is that what you’re feeling is totally normal not just at fifteen or sixteen but at twenty five or even thirty five. Life is a series of calibrations, assessments, and fine-tuning. What you want will continue to change over time. It’s best, then, to be flexible. The best preparation is to keep your heart/soul/brain open to possibilities. And, ps, of all of my very driven, very type A friends who were psychotically set on what they wanted in high school or college, literally only one (who wanted to be a marine biologist) is doing exactly what she thought she would be. She lives on a boat in Antartica and is as happy as a clam. Everyone else’s career? It was a journey. But a good one!

  1. simplynicky said: I love Eva even more after reading this. This was extremely comforting. Much needed for where I’m at in life.