tinatalk asks:
Hello Eva! I'll be graduating college soon, and wanted to send out hand-written thank you notes to a few of the people who've supported me throughout my journey. Do you have any recs for places to get stationary? I'm looking for something grown-up, and welcome custom logos or embossing. I'm willing to splurge for quality, but since I'm still on a college budget, nothing gilded in gold! Thank you in advance~
evachen212 said:

Oh! Your message makes me so happy because a) I love stationery. It is without doubt one of my favorite things in the galaxy. (Want proof? Check out this Instagram picture—that’s just the paper I brought with me to Los Angeles!). And b) I’m happy you’re establishing good habits so early in your career. That show of gratitude will be remembered—by your professor who you might need a graduate school or job recommendation from, friends who you’ll always want to be by your side. I remember every thank you note I’ve ever received from former interns or staff members. Not because of their particular eloquence (though many of them were) but because, shockingly, it was a rare occurrence. Anyway, enough lecturing… Here are some of my favorite stationery brands: Iomoi, Tinyprints, Minted are on the lower end… Medium range: Dempsey and Carroll, who have a bi-annual sale that is major (sign up on their website now for an alert). And if you can splurge, Smythson, absolutely.