yjnicole asks:
Eva, Your taste is shoes are phenomenal. ♥ If only I had a high tolerance for pain I would raid my closets of heels & more heels. But, I go to school in RISD, ( infamous for its giant hills). So, it makes it difficult to walk around in heels everyday. Esp, heels without the platform in the front... How do you walk around in those ? Is there some sort of secret trick, I am missing out on. Please fill me in !
evachen212 said:

First of all, congratulations on RISD—that’s phenomenal. My first bit of totally tangential and unasked-for advice is to take advantage of every moment of college (and for those non-collegiate readers, school in general). Once you finish school, it’s harder to explore, to take detours, to spend time abroad, and generally take a minute to just enjoy the process of your mind expanding. Okay, onto your question: there’s no mandate that says you have to wear heels to class. If I could Back-to-the-Future myself to college, I’d probably wear low-heeled boots (think Isabel Marant or Rag & Bone) or any of the bountiful array of cute Nike Dunks (or running sneakers) out there. Or, I’d wear chic little slippers—I buy them by the truckload from Zara because I wear them out so quickly walking in NYC. (And to answer your question: my secret to wearing heels is a) don’t buy them if they’re not walkable/comfortable in the store. They won’t get more comfortable, let’s just put it that way b) be sensible. If you’re going to be on your feet all day, don’t torture yourself. Wear your comfiest heels or bring an extra pair of insoles to slide in there c) keep in mind that I take a fair number of taxis. It’s an indulgence, what can I say). 

  1. thetripbeginswithakiss said: that’s a proper, real world answer to a question that shows a ridiculous amount of social pressure that one person feels to conform to an editorial ideal.
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