Hi Eva! I need some mascara advice, please? My eyelashes are short, and even though I use a curler they flatten out by the time I put the curler down! :( I'd like something that would give me volume and shape, but not too much for everyday-use. I don't know if it's maybe the curler (MAC) or the mascara (Diorshow Extase) I'm using, or if I should use something in addition. Thank you in advance for your time, best wishes!
evachen212 said:

Your lashes sound woefully similar to my lashes and, speaking from firsthand experience, it’s not the curler (I use this one, for the record). The problem is likely that your lashes can’t support the weight of a super-thickening, dramatic mascara (Diorshow is a phenomenal product but not right for all lash types, in my opinion). My lashes work best with lengthening and defining formulas—mascaras that give you a long, fluttery Bambi-like lash, versus a thicker look. My favorites: Eyeko Fat, Covergirl Lash Blast Length, and—for girls in Europe—Max Factor Clump Defy. And my latest obsession is Benefit’s They’re Real, which might be a good compromise—they thicken lashes for a more dramatic look, as well as lengthen, without being terribly heavy and flattening. 

  1. towitistowoo said: I have similar lashes, and right now maybelline illegal lengths is good.
  2. nickykoopy said: I have lashes that are hard to curl and I find that using a waterproof mascara is a lot better than a regular mascara. When I use a regular mascara, my eyelashes start to uncurl in seconds, but my waterproof mascara does wonders!