I really love your blog; I have been following for a long time now!! :) I'm going to NYC in 10 days for a week and I would love to have your top 5 recommendations! Thank you xx
evachen212 said:

It’s impossible to contain my love for my hometown in just five recommendations! Okay, let’s start with touristy must-visits: Top of the Rock (that’s where I interviewed Chloe Moretz recently) or Empire State Building for views (go on a clear day, obviously). Chinatown—I would suggest Shanghai Cafe (bring cash) for soup dumplings and cheap, painfully good foot massages (Yan Mei is the name of the place I frequent. It seems seedy but it’s not). Central Park—when you’re done window-shopping on Fifth Avenue (a must, obviously. Bergdorf’s for tea and epic views if possible, Apple store/cube, Tiffany’s), the tip of Central Park is right there! The Metropolitan Museum of Art—that museum makes me feel like I’m back in high school. Onto shopping and beauty: Catbird in Brooklyn for the best, daintiest rings ever. Marie/Sakura/Valley nails for nail art (book now or forever hold your peace). Premium Laces in Nolita for awesome sneakers (they have a great selection of Nike wedges in patterns, ahhh. Almost bought like six pairs). Marc Jacobs on Bleecker (and that whole area/street in general. I know there’s Zara in like every city but the flagship on Fifth Avenue is mindblowingly epic. Also, check out my profile on Foursquare. I pretty much check into every new place I visit, so you’ll get a sense of some recurring favorites there. Happy NYCing—get swept away by this city’s gritty beauty!

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