lifeliver7 asks:
Hey Eva! Hope you're doing great! So I really wanted to try face or body oils and then I heard about garnier's hair, face & body oil.. Should I try it or not.. Because it sounds a bit supicious.. Thanks!
evachen212 said:

I love that you’re calling Garnier’s oil “suspicious”, like it’s a shady character with a goatee in an episode of Law & Order: Beauty Crimes Division (first of all: if that doesn’t exist yet, it should. secondly, yes, I think goatees are shady. if you are not a goat, you should not have a goatee). So, my thoughts on the categories of oil: Oils get a bad rap. Certainly, there are oils that are bad (oil spills. oily hair). We spend so much time stripping our face and hair of oil—but we forget that not all oils are bad and that oils are naturally-occurring on the surface of skin for a reason: to create and seal in moisture. I think almost everyone—barring people with cystic acne, whom I think should consult a dermatologist—would benefit from oil on their face and hair. Hair-wise, rub a bit between your palms and then apply to ends or from the mid-shaft down (especially if you heat-style). Your hair will feel softer and, well, yummier. Skin-wise, in the winter months especially (not so much in the summer when the humidity helps out skin), I use oil as a serum. My favorites are this one (made for oily skin), this one (if you have ultra-dry skin), and this one (my most recent discovery). On a side note, your body will also benefit from consumption of oilslike healthy ones found in fish, avocado, olive oil. I take fish oil (sounds gross, because it is! But capsules aren’t too bad) and I really think it helps with my skin, hair, brain, everything, boosting it from the inside out. 

  1. beupallnight said: I tried it on my skin yesterday, (I work at a drugstore) and it actually didnt make my skin super oily! It only made my hands a bit oily but once I washed them it was fine! And there was definitely a different in where I tried it and didnt try it!
  2. stpahd said: Don’t forget coconut oil!
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