There and back: Balenciaga fever

Well, I’m certainly not blue about my new bag. It’s hard to tell, but it’s a slubby dark blue canvas with black leather trim, spacious enough for my Macbook Air and other sundries (and it’s Balenciaga, obviously). You would never guess it, since I never post about my collection, but I’m a huge fan of Balenciaga’s Le Dix bags. I remember the first one I bought—I was in Paris, about 24 years old, and, instead of opting for classic black, bought an acid yellow bag. Acid yellow—just about the most random color of Le Dix to buy, haha. But, oh, I love that bag. I really must dig it up from my archives. Anyway! I then went through a phase wherein I thought the bags were too overexposed. Everyone, I felt, had one: My co-workers. My dentist. My grandmother (I jest about the last one, but only sort of). Now, though, that Le Dix frenzy has transferred to other styles (PS1, Celine Luggage, etc), I feel like they’re au courant and cool again. Hence this recent acquisition.

What bag is your dream purchase? I’m curious, do share…

  1. whateversu said: Birkin. Though I loves me my bbags.
  2. katwalkkatie said: As for my dream bag- Mulberry oversize ALexa with woven trim or the Celine nano :)
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  10. iluvlotsofthings said: Plum PS1!
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