Hi Eva! I was recently accepted early decision to NYU for the Class of 2017. I wanted to know your advice on how to gain experience in the industry and network as a young student living in New York for the first time. Also I was wondering if you would recommend a journalism major for success in the industry. I am currently conflicted with my interested in journalism, international relations, and economics. Any advice will be greatly appreciated! thank you!
evachen212 said:

Wow, congratulations! Ah, how am I going to squeeze in all my advice into one little post. Hmm, well, to begin: A) In terms of beginning working and interning immediately upon getting to NYC, I know the first instinct is to be like, “Hooray, my ‘real’ life is finally beginning! Off to work/network I go!” Don’t do it. Give yourself one semester. Your freshman year first semester is a magically fun time. Meet as many people, try as many wacky classes, and enjoy it as much as you can. You will never get that time back and you will not fall behind at all by taking your first semester off. You’ll still have 10+ (2 per school year, 1 per summer) internship semesters ahead of you. B) even though you’ll have friends who know their major (or seem to know it), wait to declare until the last possible second. Again, try as many things as you can before committing to one major. You never know, you might discover you want to be a sociology major and a zoology minor. You never know. And—a minor piece of advice—C) don’t bring too much stuff to NYC. You’re going to end up buying a whole new set of everything—clothes, furniture, cute tchotchkes. Travel light and with your eyes and heart wide open.