Shoes made for walking?

Curious about these Monika Chiang shoes because they walk on the fine line between chic and comfort (sturdy heel! thicker straps! platform!). I’m on an eternal quest for shoes that are chic and walking-friendly. So far, my list (and, mind you, the comfort of shoes is individual and personal to each person’s own foot issues) includes the following:

1. Miu Miu glitter booties. I could jog (slowly, mind you) the NYC marathon in these. 

2. Manolo BB pumps. Note: order these half a size down. 

3. Pierre Hardy court shoes. I wore these during an 18 hour day at SXSW. 

4. Burberry platforms. They tend to be really aggressive looking but as comfortable as sneakers. 

5. Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. Since they’re sneakers, it’s rather obvious but not all sneaker heels are comfortable. 

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