Hi Eva! I just read this quote by Kelly Cutrone: "I work in fashion because the world is such a heavy place that I need to be in this industry that fights for five hours to get a dress." Maybe her quote is a bit sacarstic, but it inspired me to this question: why do YOU work in the fashion/beauty industry? :) Love from the Netherlands.
evachen212 said:

Ah, I love Kelly. She’s in possession of something many, many fashion people don’t have: a sense of humor (which, if you ask me, is essential!). Your question is a good one and one that, honestly, I don’t really have a concrete answer for. It’s odd, because a lot of people I speak to these days will say they want to work in fashion or beauty because it seems fun or cool. “Fun” and “cool” fade. I think it’s important to tap into a deeper calling and reason. For me, it’s because I love to write and to share my point of view with others (it still amazes me that I have followers on this little blog of mine. Thank you ^_^). For others, it might be because of the art of fashion, the transformative qualities of beauty. Find that purpose and let that be your guide. 

  1. classymodern said: Can I ask, what was your first job in fashion industry? And what do you do now? :-)