starringisra asks:
Hey Eva! What would you suggest to wear for an interview at a magazine? And, out of curiosity, what did you wear to your first interview? Love your blog!! Keep inspiring!! <3
evachen212 said:

A common mistake, I think, that a lot of girls make is that they confuse working at a magazine for being in the magazine. As such, they’ll dress up in somewhat ridiculous get-ups on a daily basis or to the interview: crazy-tall heels that they can’t walk in, body-con dresses or skirts that are very…er…binding, ornate makeup that requires a ton of touching up. They look very done-up, but not exactly like they can work. And, really, what you’re doing when you’re interning or assisting is running around like a crazy person. You need to be nimble, spry, and dressed (fashionably) for comfort. For an interview I’d suggest a chic but comfortable outfit—I wore Miu Miu kitten heels, a little pleated skirt, and a black sweater, I think. Lots of black! But most importantly—and definitely more crucial: come prepared with a knowledge of the company you’re applying for and a ready answer for why you deserve the job. Good luck!