Dear Eva, I was wondering exactly what a face serum is and if it is necessary in my skin routine? I never really see serums advertised as much as creams and things, so I have no idea what they are. I normally just use a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. Is a serum something that could really help my skin glow? I am 20 and have normal skin (just spots and dry skin every now and then). Even if you can't manage to find the time to answer this, I love all of your posts! They make me smile! :))
evachen212 said:

Oh, I love serums. I have a whole jumble of bad metaphors/analogies for them (they’re like the Swiss Army Knives of beauty! they’re like a base coat for your skin!). But, to break it all down, here’s serum 101: 1) they usually contain a high concentration of active ingredients, that’s why they’re more expensive. 2) the formula is typically sheerer than a cream and they’re meant to be worn as a base layer (if you have super oily skin, sometimes you can get away with just a serum) 3) I have no hard data for this but they’ll just make your skin happier. When I started using serums regularly under my AM SPF and PM night cream, my skin texture improved markedly. here, some of my favorites: *for dry skin, this rose oil serum is divine. I also started using this oil recently and it has really lovely texture. And for the record, no, face oil won’t make your face break out. *for normal skin, I often use this serum in the evening. It smells heavenly! *This one is great for all skin types and really boosts glow. *Have oily skin? Don’t be afraid of moisture. This and this are my two favorite oily skin serums. Embrace serums—they’re an extra step, yes, but really well worth it.