Hey Eva! So...I've never been too big on a lot of makeup. I wore foundation for one bottle worth, and then quit because I didn't wanna buy it again. I also like going a little more natural. I have some freckles & no acne almost always(which is a blessing because I'm 15!) But my skin tone is very uneven. I'm pale, but my cheeks are always really red and my forehead is just blotchy-looking. What would be the best product to use? I was thinking BB cream but wasn't sure?
evachen212 said:

I love that you want to be more natural—one of my makeup pet peeves is seeing young girls such as yourself with fundamentally gorgeous skin covering it up with a thick layer of makeup. so! BB cream or a tinted moisturizer (let’s be real—they’re basically the same thing. The only difference between the two is that BB Creams always have SPF in them, and often come with one or two bonus benefits, like primer or more moisture, built in) would be a good choice for you. My favorite BB Cream is this one (it’s not too shimmery, just a touch of glow), and a good drugstore alternative would be this! My new favorite tinted moisturizer is 10000% this one, it lets your natural skin shine through. If your cheeks are super, super red, though, I would suggest priming skin with a color-correcting primer or concealer. I highly recommend Clinique’s entire Redness Reducing collection, by the way. When I get spots (sob), I use the foundation in lieu of concealer as a spot treatment. It works wonders.

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