For the Birds

With embroidered stitching all over the body, this Alexander McQueen clutch is a serious work of art (and costs almost as much as that as well). I do think every girl should have a few investment pieces—perhaps not a two thousand dollar hummingbird clutch—in her wardrobe. 

Want to know mine? Keep reading…


1. classic quilted Chanel bag. I borrowed my mom’s when I was nineteen and, uh, haven’t returned it to her since. Lest you all think I’m a terrible daughter, I bought her a new one—and given her two others since then. 

2. a major watch. The first one I bought myself was the Hermes Medor, when I was about 23 years old. I scraped up all my pennies, basically ate ramen (shudder) for three months—but it was worth it. I still wear the watch today and love it just as much. 

3. a pair of shoes that make you feel like nine billion dollars. but not the shoe du jour. something timeless, eternally chic. like these guys or these!  

Before you all squawk indignantly about how fancypants this post is, I’ll shortly post my top 3 steals—things I never, ever overspend on. Stay tuned!

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