blisselli asks:
Hi Eva! I have an obsession with fashion but in my school people who stand out are considered well.. Weird. I'm only 15 after all. How can I still have a passion for fashion without looking too over the top? -Gillian
evachen212 said:

if you ask me, weird is the same thing as unique, which is the same thing as original, which is the same thing as cool. therefore, you are cool. ^_^ seriously, though, it’s funny how in high school, everyone wants to fit in and people who have their own taste/point of view are deemed “weird.” then, once you’re older, the tables turn and having your own opinion and look is considered the bee’s knees. trust me, I know. I went through the same thing and emerged (relatively) unscarred and more sure in my convictions (fashion or otherwise) than ever. and the key to surviving high school (or anywhere, really) is to find like-minded individuals whether at your own school or in the community.

ps: why not celebrate your fashion awesomeness? if you’re the only one at your school who has a passion for it, may I suggest offering to write a style column for your school paper? will be a great start for your eventual career in fashion.

  1. 21stcenturybreakdownn said: This helps immensely ppl keep calling me weird
  2. colleenmacneil said: Go for it and be a fashionista! All those boring teens on their Abercrombie tshirts (is that still what the kids wear these days?) will be jealous of your forward fashion choices :) I bet you will even start a trend or two!
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