en-par asks:
Hi Eva, what advice do you have for overcoming shyness during internships? I'm finding that it's one of my greatest weaknesses on the job and hardest to overcome. Cheers and hope LA is treating you well!
evachen212 said:

Oh! That is a great question and, believe it or not, one I’ve wrestled with myself throughout the years. The world—working, school, and otherwise—can feel like a loud, cacophonous place where you can’t get a word (or even a thought) in edgewise, can’t it? It doesn’t help that social media offers 9.6 million opinions on just about everything too. You feel like you have to shout to be heard. What’s a shy girl to do? I think step one is recognizing that your voice and opinions are valid. Whether you’re with your friends or at work, speak them. It’ll feel really difficult at first, but start small and do it often. Step two: find birds of the feather. Despite how the media world wants to portray the fashion industry, it is not solely occupied by larger than life characters. Find people who have the same quiet, cool intelligence as yourself. And three: be patient. It’s hard to imagine now, but as you grow into your career path, you will feel less shy and more self-assured in your points of view and authority. It’ll come, I promise you!