kenzoqueen asks:
Hey I love your blog so much you have beautiful taste and I am glued to your 'another day another manicure'! I recently purchased a pair of gorgeous boyfriend jeans from Zara but am stuck... what do I wear with them? Which shoes and what top, sweater, t-shirt etc?! Thank you xxxx
evachen212 said:

Ah, very timely question. For the last decade, I’ve bought boyfriend jeans… and always promptly returned them. Nothing I paired with them felt quite right. Recently, though, I picked up this random pair of boyfriend jeans. And suddenly, it felt right to wear them with everything. That’s when I realized that the key to boyfriend jeans is really, really not to overthink what you wear with them. Some of the disparate things I’ve paired with boyfriend jeans: baggy muscle tanks (with pointy toed heels like these guys) to snug little cropped sweaters and wedge sneakers. Really, it’s all in the casual-cool, borrowed-from-the-boys meets girlish mix. Give it a try—don’t be shy… ^_^

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