Those of you who’ve been following me for a while (thank you, by the way! I really do appreciate it) know that Marc Jacobs has been my favorite designer for, like, ever. So it’s with great, great excitement that I’m announcing that I’m collaborating with the brand on a new initiative called #MJDaisyChain! Follow the hashtag on twitter and instagram to see behind the scenes pictures from the Marc by Marc show from myself and an all-star roster of fellow bloggers from the US and around the world (Song of Style! Sincerely Jules! Le Blog de Betty! Gary Pepper Vintage! Park and Cube… & more!). 

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    Omg.Omg.Omg. Two of my favorite people…I’m so excited :D
  2. pettydetails said: Congratulations! I started following you during your days at Teen Vogue and I’m excited for all the new content you’ll be sharing with us in your new endeavors.
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