heythatsmint asks:
Hi Eva, so I begin with I'm a dude. I feel like I'm using too many products. I use a mix skin ceuticals for philoretin, toner, LHA serum, and B5. when its much colder outside I use a Kiehl's moisturizer and carry around facial fuel in my bag b/c i have a habit of splashing water on my face during the day at work. i probably wash my face 3 times a day. morning/mid-day after the gym/and before sleeping. sometimes i feel overly dry so i use this GNC moisturized. is this okay or too much?
evachen212 said:

dear women of the world: you should learn from this wise man. heythatsmint, I am obsessed with you. can you be my new SBFF (skincare best friend forever)? ^_^ but seriously, well done with your skincare routine. the only thing I’d say is a) if you feel oily during the day, use blotting papers (these are fairly unisex!) and b) instead of splashing water, have you thought about a facial mist instead? this one from Jurlique is really soothing and this one is a classic. and c) if your skin is super, super dry, consider adding a face oil to your routine. this one is my new favorite, it soothed my skin through a terrible cold recently!