vanitypresse asks:
Hi Eva! I'm getting married in July, and I was wondering what products/beauty regimes you recommend that I follow before my wedding? I want to make sure that my skin is beautiful and glowy! Thanks!! Amanda
evachen212 said:

ah, weddings. such happy, festive, fun affairs—unless you’re the bride, in which case you are super-stressed out with 9.8 million details. I love that you’re taking a proactive approach to your skincare and now is the perfect time to begin (five months out). so, first of all, I’d definitely recommend the basics: drinking lots of water, cutting back on refined sugars, boosting the amount of fruits and veggies you have. also, um, wash your face every night (I’m astounded by the number of people who don’t wash their face. don’t they realize they’re going to sleep with a day’s worth of oil, pollution, and grime on it!). if you can invest in a Clarisonic, I think it’s a wonderful way to deep cleanse and exfoliate. I use mine 2-3x a week (especially on the days I wear more makeup). many brides I know get facials, but I actually think if you cleanse properly, using masks at home is a great (and less expensive, because let’s face it, you have enough expenses these next few months) alternative. a few of my favorites: SK-II, Jurlique, Ren. lastly, try not to sweat the small stuff. I was, to be honest, a total bridezilla. I agonized over everrrrrything, every little detail. it was worth it, yes, but at the same time, I realize now that what people remembered from the wedding wasn’t how the blush of the favor ribbons perfectly matched the place card calligraphy. they remembered the overall happiness of the bride and groom and the love and joy everyone felt. hooray, congratulations!

  1. weiweistyle said: that’s what i need now. thanks for the advice Eva! :)