rather, big girls shouldn’t cry if they’re lucky enough to own Balenciaga's crazy-sold-out cut-out moto boots. but, honestly, the first time I wore them my feet got so torn up that I couldn't even look at the shoes for a month. in any case, last week I finally toughened up and wore them (avec tights), a Topshop bubble skirt, Proenza Schouler turtleneck, and 982 Band-Aids. 

  1. tanaisha4 said: Parlez-vous Francias? (i realized you said avec)
  2. fashiondeshanel said: You look all grown-up, Eva! I know that I can’t compare Dr. Martens to Balenciaga boots but I went through a similar process of love and disgust.. Still haven’t broken my Docs in and i’ve worn them about 50+ times. but if they hurt you know they’re w
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