Dear Eva, lately I've been doubting about going into the magazine industry despite majoring in Journalism and having a head position of an Ed2010 club, writer for a fashion blog, etc. I feel like its a cut-throat, almost backstabbing and extremely shallow industry. I have wanted to write for magazines since my mom gave me my first Teen Vogue subscription at age 13. Am I wrong for what i am feeling/thinking? Can you tell me what I am in for if I do end up as a writer for a magazine?
evachen212 said:

oh dear, it sounds like you’ve been having a hard time with someone lately. (there’s almost always a “someone” instigating, isn’t there?). I hope everything’s okay! so, here are my thoughts on your questions: no, you’re not wrong for what you’re feeling or thinking. the magazine industry tends to attract driven, ambitious people and with that can come a fair amount of drama. it’s not an industry that’s like booming either—it’s getting smaller and more difficult to find jobs, so there’s that contributing to everything as well. but my point of view is that you could be in any industry—neurosurgery! academia! zoology! (what a random assortment of jobs I chose, btw)—and it would be similarly cutthroat and backstabby. because, really, it comes down to one person/group of people who like causing  drama. your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to be super-aware of these folks and to steer clear of them (be polite and nice, of course, though). find the people that you trust, that you feel comfortable around, and that are true friends. they exist. I know they do, because I myself found a group like that, even in the fashion industry. you obviously love writing—it’s so hard to find your passion in life. don’t let someone take that away from you.