by “this”, I mean model Barbara Palvin, who looked incandescently and just ridiculously gorgeous at the Golden Globes. now, those of you who follow me on twitter, know about my obsession with awards shows. I live for them and, yes, live-tweet them exhaustively until my fingers get crampy and sore. so…big announcement… the Screen Actor’s Guild awards are just 48 hours away and—excuse me whilst I hyperventilate—guess who’ll be on the red-carpet with L’Oreal Paris? me! ^_^

read on, darlings, for my red carpet musings and predictions…


this dizzying cornucopia of celebrities = my favorite beauty looks from the Golden Globes. highlights? Kerry Washington in Miu Miu and her dewy gorgeousness, Julianne Moore who—in my opinion—is a primer on how women should age (naturally, with grace, humor, and an expressive face), JLo who looks just… I can’t even describe it… glowingly stunning to the point of annoyance—how does she consistently look so good?! and, I know she was polarizing but… Jessica Chastain. I support taking risks on the red carpet—more celebrities should. 

talk back to me—tell me who you’d like me to snap on the red carpet on Sunday and… at various afterparties… accost and ask various nosy beauty questions

and stay tuned for my #getthelook adventures… it’ll take a beauty village to get this normal girl ready for the red carpet!

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