Greetings Eva! Without sounding like a total dork, you are a skincare spirit animal! I've since changed the way I take care of my skin from just following you on Twitter, IG, and here. Although I've been able to change my skin for the better, I'm still curious about serums! There are just so many on the market and its all so intimidating. I have fairly good skin, I think the only thing I worry about now is evening out because I have a lot of old acne scars that still linger. Thank you! Xoxo
evachen212 said:

hooray, I’m glad to be a force for skincare good. your message made my day! so, serum 101: just as basecoat is the most important step of a manicure (this one┬áhas been my favorite for the last two years), serum is like basecoat for the skin, a crucial first step. the analogy is a tad jumbled but basically what serum does is deliver a straight shot of beneficial ingredients to the skin (they’re often pricier than plain lotions because they’re more concentrated) plus deliver on benefits like hydration, brightening, etc. so, it’s up to you to choose what kind of serum you need. if you’re looking to fade dark spots, perhaps try Clinique or L’Oreal. remember to wear SPF during the day as well, since just as sun darkens the rest of your skin, it can darken dark spots. and for those of you looking for hydration (it’s so deeply dry out there this time of year), these are two of my favorite serums for deep moisturization: Dermalogica and Ren.

  1. ac-z said: what about a serum to prevent wrinkles? :)
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