Dear Eva, I was wondering what your opinion on men in the fashion editing business was? I am aware of that their a number of male editors out there but I still wonder whether or not their is room for a man to be successful. My mother and school guidance counselor insist there is no future for me in fashion due to my being a man. Fashion is my life and working for a fashion magazine is my dream but I wanted to get your opinion on the matter since you always give such wonderful advice.
evachen212 said:

Stefano Tonchi! Hamish Bowles! Mark Holgate! Andre Leon Talley! Eric Wilson! Ariel Foxman! Derek Blasberg! Andrew Bevan! Hal Rubenstein! Joe Zee! (the list goes on.) listen, anytime someone tells you something that you know in your gut is simply not true (which must be the case, otherwise you wouldn’t be asking me for validation, no?), just tune it out. the world is full of naysayers—people LOVE telling other people what they can’t do. prove them wrong…

  1. giveupnewyork said: This is gorgeous.
  2. blackberryvision said: men run everything…sadly.
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