Hi Eva. I love your Tumblr; your personality and aesthetic really brighten my day. So my question is really thorough. I have always treated my skin quite terribly - I don't take my makeup off at night, I don't ever use any treatments or masks, and I pretty much just use an acne cleanser and maybe Dove moisturizing cream. It was all OK until I turned the big 30. Now, I feel like my skin is parched and sad looking. Could you recommend a routine and products to help me. I know I have sinned deeply.
evachen212 said:

someone call me a cardiologist because your question just gave me heart palpitations. well, first of all, I’m glad you’re acknowledging your skin sins. although, first of all, there’s probably nothing wrong with the acne cleanser you’re using or the Dove cream you’re slathering on your sad, parched face. what is a major problem, though, or as Julia Roberts would say in Pretty Woman: “Big mistake. Big. Huge”, is that you aren’t removing makeup at night. that is not good. I’m picturing it seeping into your pores right now. seeping into your eyelash follicles, making your lashes sad and puny. okay, enough lecturing! here’s a basic skincare routine I recommend: *remove your makeup every night (even if it’s Yes to Carrots makeup removers. which I like a lot, by the way) *wash your face every night (it can be with something as simple as Cetaphil) *use a serum for your skin type (since you said “parched”, I’m going to recommend this one—it’s a splurge, but it’s worth it. I think serums are worth their weight in gold) and *night cream (this one is good for sad-looking skin). use an SPF during the day. this alone will make your skin happier and less arid. and, when you see a difference in a few weeks and want to graduate to masks and treatments, drop me another line ^_^

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