Dear Eva, I am planning on majoring in median and communications at one of SUNY universities in New York. I am torn between going to university or going to pursue my passion for modeling. I feel like I have what it takes and can manage it but either way what are my chances if growing up and sustaining a family's yet on? I don't want to be only a housewife and I want to be a good contribution. What do I do?!
evachen212 said:

if you’re lucky enough to get in and afford it, go to university, please. modeling is an amazing career—but, in my opinion, it’s not really a career path you can choose as readily as, say, medicine, banking, or, um, lawyering. there is no core curriculum, no majors, no minors. someone has to “tap” you, effectively choose you, to be a model. and that could ostensibly happen while you’re in school, interning in NYC or Paris over the summer at a swishy fashion PR firm. there’s the distinct possibility, also, that you’ll find something you want to do in school that opens your eyes to the possibilities of fashion/glamour/travel (I imagine all the appealing things about being a model) but—as you point out—with a longer lifespan. I think people should follow their dreams, but do research and homework to prepare for them. I applaud you for having big dreams—and asking the right questions before. but definitely, definitely, definitely go to college. it’s a foundation and base for the rest of your life. 

ps: if you’re not following Kelly Mittendorf on Tumblr, you should. great, smart advice from a great, smart, successful model

  1. diana-bur said: You can also model on the side while you are in school. I’m a fashion photographer working on my masters degree and we are always on the lookout for talented girls. I’m sure there will be some photographers in upstate New York.
  2. craftyhippo said: That is terrible writing.
  3. piinksmurf said: FIT is the answer: They’re a SUNY school, you can major in Advertising and Marketing Communications and join the Modeling Club. Plus, it’s a school with incredible connections to both industries. Take it from a current junior at the school :)
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