I'm in my senior year of high school and I'm torn between taking a year off before I start university, or starting straight away and not wasting any time. In your opinion, is it a better idea to get your education before you travel, or the other way around? Would greatly appreciate your views on this! Thank you x
evachen212 said:

take that gap year! and take one (or some time) before you start your first real post-uni job. take it from me: it is really hard to take time off once you start working. it’s something, to be honest, that you have to explain a bit—no one will quite understand. “take time off to travel/live life/explore/have an adventure?” they’ll ask, furrowed brow and puzzled look on their faces, “why would you do that?” if you can take a gap year, in my opinion, you should. when I graduated high school, I couldn’t wait until college. when I finished college, I couldn’t wait to start working. and when I had my first job—and was ready for a new challenge—I couldn’t wait to start that job. do you see a pattern here? my personal stance is to enjoy being young—take a gap year before university, take time off before starting your first job, take time off between jobs. it’s not being lazy, it’s rekindling your imagination, your sense of adventure, your stance on the world as a whole. it’s worth it, trust me ^_^

  1. gojessago said: Eva, it made me feel really, really, inarticulably good to hear you say that about gap-years. Validating. Thank you. Happy New Year!