Hi Eva! You're always on the go and traveling often as I have learned from following you on twitter, instagram and tumblr, so I was wondering how you manage to get a good night's sleep when in an unfamiliar bed/place because I always have problems sleeping at hotels and such. And are there any products that help you to do so? Thanks!
evachen212 said:

over the holidays this year, I’ll be visiting five cities in three weeks (London, Manchester, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Seoul)—my weary back misses my fancy organic mattress just thinking about it. but, after so many years of travel, I’ve gotten used to it. but nevertheless, there’s almost always that point in the evening where I bolt up, hair and limbs akimbo, wondering where I am, haha. in any case, my top tips for travel-sleep: 1) try to acclimate to the time zone you’re going to, whether that means snoozing on the flight or going to bed as soon as you arrive (if you land at, say, midnight). 2) recreate the rituals of home as much as you can. for me, that means my extensive (and exhausting) seven to nine step skincare routine every night. 3) I tend not to take pills. I do try, instead, to wear myself out during the day. whether that means sightseeing, shopping (whee!), or family time, I try to max out my energy on day one so I sleep well. happy travels!

  1. mmsanwar said: can’t wait for you to get to Hong Kong and hear what you think of my city!
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