Hi Eva, I just wanted to say I love reading your blog and seeing your tips/suggestions. But also, I'm curious about who/what inspires you? Do you have that one person who you try to emulate? Also, do you have any good movie/book recommendations? I know these aren't your usual beauty and style questions but I thought maybe you'd like a change-up in questions! And I hope the holiday season is treating you well. :)
evachen212 said:

well, living in NYC definitely does. the energy here is amazing—everyone here is here for a reason, striving for something. it’s an ambitious city and I love that feeling. who do I try to emulate? well, honestly, no one in particular. I find that the qualities I most admire tend to be value systems (I realize this will sound hokey but being kind, helping others, etc), not  personality or style. it’s funny, this fashion/media industry I work in… there are so many people trying to be someone else—people trying to be frosty to act one editor (who in fact is not frosty at all), people peacocking to try to get the attention of street style photographers to be just like a blogger whose style truly comes naturally to them. it’s a lot of work to try to be like someone else. I find that it’s always just best to be yourself. as for books, I’m reading anything and everything about Diana Vreeland right now. love her voice! check out this book. and happy holidays to you as well—I love getting offbeat questions, actually! thank you for asking! 

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