Hi Eva! I found a video of you talking about Boscia BB cream when I was shopping around for a BB cream to try, and based on your recommendation, I bought it and love it! Now I'm curious, do you use eye cream? Are there any you recommend? Thank you! P.S. Your bag collection is my ultimate Xmas wishlist.
evachen212 said:

hooray! I love a beauty recommendation success story! ^_^ so… eye creams. short answer: yes, I do. long, Eva-Chen-style rambling answer: yes, and here’s why. when I was a sprightly youth in my early twenties, fresh into my beauty career, an aesthetician scared the heebie jeebies out of me by telling me that by the time I realized I needed eye cream it’d be too late—and she then proceeded to show me about a hundred pictures of sagging eyes. ahhh! so I started using a basic hydrating eye cream then (something like this one). in my late twenties, I switched to one for fine lines (sigh). after that initial period of obsession, honestly, I came to realize that eye wrinkles are like the march of time/aging—you really can’t prevent it, you can only adjust to it. if you smile and laugh (and I hope you do often!), they’re inevitable. no one wants to be an expressionless zombie (well, some fashion people might actually). so until then, I wear sunglasses  (just got these!) and do what I can—but not overly obsess!

  1. ohheyitsdk said: your “late twenties” eye cream is no longer available. Can you post the name of it please?
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