You talk about face-oil a lot, but how do you use it on your skin? Do you put it on a cotton pad or just put it on your skin? I really want to know.
evachen212 said:

face oil is absolutely my #1 favorite thing in the winter. to the point where if you asked me to choose between face oil or gloves I’d perhaps vote for face oil. O_O anyway! the way I apply it is that I put about five drops (most brands have a dropper system) onto my fingertips and sort of press it into skin (in my mind, I’m pretending to be a facialist giving, er, myself a facial). I let it sit for a few minutes and then apply night cream over. oh! yes, forgot to mention. I use it at night, not during the day! my favorite ones are Dermalogica, Clarins, Ren, and Rodin… enjoy xo

  1. sockmonkeysareawseome said: why do u wanna know?do u have pimples?because it looks like it cause u have a big red dot on ur!! :D jk