bitchr1sing asks:
Hi Eva! I just got these great metallic Loeffler Randall oxfords, but they cut up the backs of my ankles when I wore them. Any tips on how to make flats/oxfords that are stiff around the edges more comfortable? Or maybe just less painful? I don't want to abandon them in my closet. Thanks for your help! ps, you're the first byline I ever loved
evachen212 said:

if my feet could speak, they’d sound like an a street-fight-grizzled-Clint-Eastwood-Dirty-Harry character: “go ahead, make my day. just try to torture me more that you already have.” my feet have really, really been put through some extreme situations, sigh. this is all a long way of saying that I feel your pain! the first question in your shoe situation is to ask whether they’re a smidge too small or if it’s a stiff, hard edgy, leather situation. if it’s the former, I’d slip on a pair of socks (thicker ones), cram your feet into those shoes, and walk around your apartment to stretch them out slightly. if it’s the latter, it’s basically wear-and-tear that’ll make it less like a razor-like edges less hurty, so break out the bandaids (have you seen Cynthia Rowley's crazy-cute ones?). I've had some friends take a nail file or sandpaper to the edges too, fyi. I haven't tried that (I'd be worried about ruining the shoe) but, hey, you never know. and remember! if the shoe hurts when you try them on, they're not going to get more comfortable. so make sure they're comfortable before you buy! good luck!

  1. catisfactionguaranteed said: Using Vaseline on areas where you normally get blisters in addition to socks or with new heels works wonders.
  2. poonamkb said: Moleskin could be a great barrier between the skin and shoe for this situation!
  3. voguemeariver said: I bought the same ones! & had the same stiff leather problem. Pop the heel in (so its inverted) let it roll itself out, & repeat. Guy at Nordy’s taught me to do this, with idle hands (ie:watching tv) It softens the leather just right👌& no damage!😊
  4. blackberryvision said: My mom taught me that rubbing alcohol helps break in shoes that are rough around the edges like that. I’ve tried it once before and it did help.
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