border-lines asks:
Hello Ms. Eva Chen! I want to pursue a career in fashion, but I find myself torn. I'm in my 3rd year of high school, and applying to colleges will creep up soon. I'm afraid that if I go to a fashion school and my dream career in fashion doesn't work out, I would have no other options. But if I go to a college where I could major in another major, I wouldn't be able to pursue my love for fashion (or it would be more difficult to). What should I do? (Your success in fashion is quite rare). Thanks!
evachen212 said:

I never try to tell people exactly what to do, to be honest, because everyone has a different path they’re meant to take in life and, really, there’s no one way into fashion. personally, I didn’t go to a fashion school—I was pre-med (which is unusual for someone who works in magazines) and an English major (more common). I know people who work in fashion who are Spanish, economics, art history, journalism, film studies majors. and a thousand other majors! I always say study what you love, intern in what you want to work in. unless you have a burning desire to go to Parson’s or FIT, going to a fashion school is unnecessary to work in fashion—what’s necessary is vision, drive, patience, and determination—as well as the ability to find and apply for lots and lots of internships!

  1. jasmin-one said: I am a fashion design student. It was a tough choice I’ve ever made! I now kind of wish that I study in another major like english lit or business management. It would enchance my knowledge and drive in future fashion careers
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