Love you! I have a few random questions that I'm curious about. What would a work day with you be like? And have you ever counted the number of bags and shoes that you own? I dare you! =)
evachen212 said:

hmm, challenge declined—mostly because it would take too long. my bag and shoe collection have reached critical mass, to the point where I need to either (shudder) consider getting rid of a few (I’d donate them to my mum, sister in law, or friends) or moving them to an undisclosed, offsite facility, like a fashion version of Area 51). and, well, my workday is a little different these days because I’m actually working for me, myself, and I these days ^_^ it’s been an amazing experience (one that every girl should have, I think). you’ll see my writing in Teen Vogue still, as well as Vogue, ELLE, and others. and, drumroll, stay tuned for my new website coming in 2013. thanks for the love and keep calm and shop on! 

  1. the-sf-lovely said: Amazing! I can’t wait to see it!
  2. pithivier said: Most exciting news, Eva! I had no idea you’d gone freelance now :) Very exciting!
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