Hi Eva! I have two, totally unrelated questions. First, I have been following *almost* all of your tips for great skin, and it's helped a lot, but I still have some scarring (ghosts of acne past -.-). Is there any way to get rid of that? Second, I'm going to Palm Springs in about a week, and I seem to remember you posting on here that you've visited. I was hoping you had some suggestions of restaurants, stores, thrift shops, etc, that I should visit! Thank you :))
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here’s the thing about acne scar I never realized when I had (more frequent, sigh) acne: you don’t get acne scars unless you pick/poke/squeeze/generally bother your spots. that is why it’s imperative —imperative, I tell you!—to just resist all urges to squeeze your spots, grin and bear them, and let them go away on their own. anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox. the best thing for scars is, of course, the most expensive: laser. for most, I realize, that’s not a viable option so here are the others: *retinol: will take some time to work (which it does by increasing skin cell turnover), but great for all-around anti-antiaging. I use a prescription one (Renova) twice a week. *dark spot correctors: Clinique's really is very good, as is Garnier's. they take time to work, naturally, so be patient. and speaking of patience: time and SPF (if your skin gets tan, so too do the scars)! and hooray for Palm Springs—it's my favorite place in the world. something about the mountain & desert combination, sigh. that and the Desert Hills premium outlet nearby ^_^ (for tips on my favorite places, check out my foursquare)

  1. onlygoalisjusttobe said: I get scars even when I don’t pick. I suppose it’s my lot in life.
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