v-elvet-moon asks:
Hi eva! The cold weather and the dry air indoors have officially taken a toll on my skin. I already switched to a more gentle cleanser but my face dries out minutes after applying my moisturizer. At the end of the day, my skin is uncomfortably tight, irritated and sometimes even flaky in certain spots. Incredibly attractive ;) Any tips or product recommendation for a 15 year old? Thank you so much for reading & l'm a huge fan between :)
evachen212 said:

oh my goodness, just reading your question made me want to dip my face in a vat of face cream. poor you! sounds uncomfortable (and, yes, incredibly attractive, haha). basically, your skin is crying out “feed me! feed me! I’m thirsty!” because the dry air and cold weather are like vacuum cleaners for moisture. so here’s my four step plan for you: a) install a humidifier in the room(s) you spend the most time in. I use this one, but really any one will do. it doesn’t have to be super spendy. b) in the morning, add a serum to your routine. apply it before your moisturizer, let it marinate for a minute, then apply your regular moisturizer over it. as a 15 year old, I’m going to assume your budget won’t allow for La Mer. but most of your favorite drugstore brands will offer serums. I’m partial to this fragrance-free Olay one, personally. c) in the evening, add a face oil—yes! oil!—to your routine before your moisturizer. I promise promise promise it won’t make you break out. Clarins actually makes one for oily skin, if you’re scared of oil. and lastly, d) hydrate from within. add a fish oil supplement or two to your diet every day (I take three, personally). it sounds odd, but—really and truly—your skin (and brain! and energy level!) will thank you

  1. lortajane said: When my face is dry, I will moisturize it two or three times before I put any make up on it. I do it while I am doing my hair, etc. I sell Mary Kay :)
  2. v-elvet-moon said: All of these sound great and I’m definitely curious to try out the fish oil supplement :) Thank you for answering !
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