Eva, I'm your huge fan and I really need your advice, so which bag you would get Celine trapeze bag or PS1 Large(Proenza Scholer)? I wish I could buy two, but for now I really need to choose, and you are my guru p.s. also name your current obsession( bag wise)
evachen212 said:

oooh, I’ve always wanted to be a guru. so thank you for that! ^_^ to be honest, the bags are—in my opinion, at least—rather different bags. the PS1 is slouchy, softer in feeling, more casual in feeling. the Trapeze is more structured and slightly more formal, perhaps more “grown up”. so this is what I think: evaluate your lifestyle and your wardrobe. what will you use more often? that’s the one you should start with. I know from personal experience: I remember in the heyday of Gossip Girl (that was a longgg time ago. I can’t bear to watch the show anymore! it’s gone downhill, no?) I bought the most classic little Chanel bag ever, a super Upper East Side style that, um, I haven’t used more than five times (one of them was for Halloween when I dressed up as Blair Waldorf in, like, 2008). I’m sure I’ll break it out when I’m in my fifties (it’s that classic), but I should’ve evaluated my lifestyle and realized that I’m much more of a downtown, casual-cool person! anyway… have fun choosing: you can’t really go wrong with either!

  1. poonamkb said: I’m personally offended by the term “guru” used in social media settings. It’s just so wildly inappropriate/offensive to Sikhism.
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