Hi eva! I think you are AMAZING. Okay to my question, I love designer items, but as a college student on a budget i obviously cant afford the Alexander Wang croc embossed coat I've been eyeing lol. But what advice do you have for a girl who has expensive taste, but not an account to fit the bill. Plus I'm curious what was your first ever designer purchase??
evachen212 said:

oh, my darling, you could substitute the words “college student on a budget” with “NYC girl working in the magazine/web world” (AKA me) and the question would be the same. expensive, lovely taste is expensive lovely taste no matter what age. anyway! my advice to you is to scour sites like The Outnet, Yoox, eBay (of course), and make friends with salespeople at your favorite stores (don’t be sheepish about asking when their sales start. hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do). most importantly, really evaluate your spending. do you really neeeeed that Starbucks Frappucino? and, on the flip side, is the item you’re coveting on e that you’ll still love in a month, three months, six months, a year? I’ve made the foolish mistake of getting obsessed with items that just a little while later I’m totally and unequivocally over. look for items that will withstand the test of item. (ps: the first designer purchase I ever made myself was a pair of Miu Miu kitten heels ^_^ they’d still be chic today… except my dog Otto ate them T_T)

  1. ardentyouth said: I live by the Saying “if you have money you can buy what you want but you can’t buy taste.” Looking stylish is a talent. We’ve all seen those supremely rich ladies who have so many things going on…in all of the wrong ways.